вторник, 25 июля 2017 г.

First review of the Orion UAV

First public presentation of the new russian long range UAV Orion from Kronshadt Group was at first day of MAKS-2017 air show in Ramenskoye near Moscow. The new UAV was designed special for reconnaissance missions and surveillance of ground targets at operational-tactical range (250 km). The working time that the device can be around 24 hours. The range of the UAV is most likely limited by communication systems of complex.

We thinking that first flight of Orion UAV was in the 2016 and now this UAV is one of general program of military drones for RuAF.

Article about Orion UAV at MilitaryRussia.Ru is here

Full scale Orion UAV at MAKS-2017 air show 18.07.2017 г. (photo - Eugany Erokhin, https://missiles2go.ru).

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