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Bulava's failure at test 27.09.2016

On June 26, 2017, the Zvezda TV channel published the full version of the video of double launchs of the 3M-30 Bulava missile's which took place on September 27, 2016. As you remember both of the missiles started properly but after a successful launch one of the missiles self-destructed (this if official information).

Last year we already discuss strange flight of second missile and now we can see all details of this failure - this video shows how and what happened. In general, at first I see that first-stage engine had some delay in the first seconds of flight. Second - later missile began to correct the trajectory of the flight and probably had some problems in the operation of the controlled nozzle of engine or the missile control system in general (at third). As a result the missile was destroed by an emergency rocket explosion system.

3M-30 Bulava / SS-N-32 missile at MilitaryRussia.Ru

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