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Second view of new 9K720 Iskander-M ballistic missile

Second view of new 9K720 Iskander-M ballistic missile

In the last days of May or June 1, 2017 in Tajikistan, as the part of the regular exercises, an incomplete battery of the 9K720 Iskander-M missile complex was deployed with at least one combat ballistic missile of the same type that we first saw in autumn 2016 on the test launch from the Kapustin Yar test site.

This is new version of the 9M723 ballistic missile is probably adopted. I think that we see a missile with a high-explosive warhead, possibly penetrating. This is not confirmed by anything, but if such a warhead was, then it is likely that it would look similar to what we see. Also, of course, it is possible that we have a mock-up of the nuclear warhead. Demonstrations of such a missile to Western military specialists may have their own logic as PR.

On the shots of the launch, it's easy to see shooting special belts that release the missile at launch. Otherwise, we have an ordinary ballistic missile and its typical launch from the 9P78-1 launcher of the Iskander-M missile system.

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