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Some new ideas about hypersonic object 4202 / 15Yu71

Some new ideas about hypersonic object 4202 / 15Yu71

So, I decided that it's time to start discussing the device "object 4202" with images thereof. Let it be purely hypothetical. Of course everything that is written below is purely my personal opinion.

Ok! The object 4202 / 15Y71 is an aeroballistic object, which most of the way to the target moves along a low-attitude ballistic trajectory in a conditionally airless space. In the process of this movement the device stabilizes and can probably even correct the trajectory using manoverable engines. Like a satellites or upper stages of traditional ICBMs. Stabilization of the device is also required to provide the angle of entry into the atmosphere and for the operation of correction guidance systems. It is likely that the device can use guidance on the map of the terrain with a comparison of the reference map of the terrain with a radar image. It is also possible that this is a side-scan radar.

When approaching the target for a distance of about 200-300 km (I think that maybe 500 km, but hardly more), the device goes to atmospheric flight. Accordingly, by the time of the beginning of the atmospheric part of the flight, the apparatus has a hypersonic speed of about 14-15M, which is gradually decreasing. I think that the device is NOT equipped with a hypersonic engine. Maneuvering on the atmospheric part of the flight is carried out with the help of aerodynamic rudders. When the flight speed is reduced to values ​​of the order of 8M (or may be less) I think that vevicle can use the radar homing. Before that the device can perform programmable maneuvering in order to counter the ABM.

Several words about the power of a probable nuclear warhead. I have two opposite ideas. First, the device is too expensive and will be used for very important aims and accordingly the charge should be powerful and use megaton class warheads. The second, the device must be high-precision, and therefore even a charge of 150 kt can destruct any aim.

And new artist impression of 4202 object from me...

Article about object 4202 / 15Yu71 at MilitaryRussia,Ru

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